Get Involved

Be someone who does something

You don’t have to be a game ranger to do something meaningful. You are capable of making small choices daily that mean something powerful. You might even choose to do something powerful for us. What you decide to do often depends on personal preferences and availability. Please click on the tab below for some ideas.

Ways you can help us:

  1. Volunteer your time, passion and skills to strengthen our outreach.
  2. Habit @ Earth, although a non-profit, is self-funded. We didn’t just think outside the box, we blew it up! Let businesses know about our corporate team building program. We promise a fun filled team building experience that truly grows the team.
  3. Keep us in mind for donations (financial or resources such as office suppliers, educational material and programme props – we can be creative with almost anything).
  4. Like our Facebook page and keep posted on important environmental news, events and opportunities.
  5. Be a Habit @ Earth ambassador; link us to opportunities to change hearts and attitudes by putting us in touch with groups that could benefit from our school and community programs.

What can volunteers do?
Perhaps the most valuable contribution you can make to the life of another is your time. It is for this reason that volunteers are invaluable assets to society. At Habit @ Earth our volunteers are our greatest asset, without them our objectives could not be reached.

Volunteers are unique individuals who all want to give something different. What you can do as a volunteer starts with you. Familiarize yourself with our programs and volunteer to get involved where something most interests you.

Volunteers may be actively involved weekly, or perhaps more advisory as a source of wisdom on a certain subject. Some volunteers may enjoy working with kids while others with adults and still others at home behind the computer doing research and administration. Some volunteers are teachers; some have great business ethics while others are born sales men and women.

As we value our volunteers’ time we prefer to place them in line with their strengths and interests while allowing space for each volunteer to develop and deepen their skills. Volunteers’ skills are as unique as passionate volunteers are rare. It is for this reason that we encourage volunteers to attend meetings and chat with the Directors as you begin your adventure with us. Together we will find your place.

What is required from volunteers?
  • Passion, dedication an initiative.
  • Willingness to use your skills, knowledge and experiences to grow the organisation.
  • Willingness to mentor fellow volunteers and community members when required.
  • Commitment based on your personal availability, skills and preferences.
  • Attendance and contribution to meetings.
  • Membership, volunteers are required to join as members of the organisation.

How do I start:
  • Request an application form via email on
  • Attend a Volunteer Meeting or General Meeting.
  • Make an informed decision on your contribution, e.g. teaching, research, advisory.
  • Make a decision on your commitment based on your availability, e.g. 4 hours a month, Sunday only.
  • Attend meetings regularly.
  • Keep well informed on upcoming dates that suit your contribution and availability and volunteer.

What else should I know:
  • Volunteers do not get paid or receive travel allowances.
  • Family, acceptance and team work are core values of our volunteer team; volunteers that are able to embrace our warm family spirit will find home away from home.
  • Questions are always welcome, email

Our Vision

The organisation’s vision is to restore the balance between the consumption and activities of communities in the KwaZulu-Natal province and the success of surrounding natural habitats.

Our Objectives

Main Objectives

With environmental education and community mentoring programs as the method of implementation the main objective is to grow individual and community awareness of the natural environment’s requirements and interaction in human lives, motivating individuals and communities to become progressively environmentally responsible. Programs are designed to take an active and passionate role of educating, encouraging and mentoring individuals and communities to reconnect to nature while increasing personal sense of responsibility. This objective is driven by the belief that this connection, and the understanding and love that follows is the very foundation we need to build a community of proactive and responsible environmental stewards.

Ancillary objectives:

The organization’s ancillary objectives all relate to the prevention of habitat destruction and environmental awareness and will be to promote or provide the following:

  • Building ethical values
  • Attitude adjustment
  • Providing informative resources
  • Empowerment
  • Taking a proactive stand for environmental ethics in the province of KwaZulu Natal