Our Programmes

Habit @ Earth’s programmes are designed to take an active role of educating, encouraging and mentoring individuals and communities to reconnect to nature while increasing personal sense of responsibility.

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Programme Outline

School Habits:
  • 1 day wilderness experience or Overnight Wilderness camp focusing on connecting participants to the abundance of life which surrounds them. The programme is a combination of adventure life skills coaching and scouts style dependence on the wild with the goal of learning, interacting and deepening personal understanding & connections with the wild.

  • Term programme is a mentorship programme offered to schools, youth development groups, or any community group or organisation. The Term programme includes facilitating understanding & connection to the natural environment through fun interactive learning; where applicable supporting Department of Education curricula regarding the natural environment; connecting the group or school with other supportive environmental organisations; working towards an attitude that embraces environmental appreciation; and assistance to sustain healthy practices independently.

  • City nature tours focus on appreciating and connecting to nature in the urban environment. A very important aspect of sustainable environmental education as this is where the majority of habitat loss occurs.

  • Community Habits

    A community mentoring programmes which includes community initiatives that promote the overall improvement of the natural environment as well as educational presentations to schools, community groups and churches.

    Media Habits

    A proudly KZN media presenting environmental education relating directly to the KwaZulu Natal community.

    Consumer Habits

    A consumer education programme aimed at developing consumer buying habits of household consumables that promote restoration of natural habitats in KwaZulu Natal and the rest of South Africa.

    Team Habits

    Our Team Habits programme guarantees fun filled, interactive team building experiences that refresh and enrich your team of staff. Businesses can benefit from team building designed to meet their unique needs; alternatively choose from several team building components as outlined below:

    • Successful Sales Habits
    • Self-management
    • Leadership skills
    • Integrity
    • Relationship building
    • Team Dynamics
    • Communication / Interpersonal skills
    • Adapting to change
    • Encouragement / motivation
    • Maintaining a positive attitude
    • Self-esteem / exploring an employee’s worth
    • The interdepartmental cooperation

    Consultancy & Training services

    Habit @ Earth endeavours to strengthen and enrich environmental and community development in KwaZulu Natal with education and mentoring as our primary tools in presenting interactive teachings which empower and encourage; while leaving learners with an increased sense of personal responsibility and appreciation for nature. We offer training and consultancy services to environmental education groups, organisations and community leaders who would like to increase the effect of their lessons on the learner.

    Thank you for your interest in Habit @ Earth’s environmental education & community mentoring programs. We look forward to the role you play in helping us to take the KZN community from indifference to making a difference.